Waco Summer

Though we've gotten some good rain over the weekend, it is starting to feel quite like summer here in Waco. While I'm a guy who romanticizes a little too much over cold weather, there are some very bright spots about the summer heat. Paddle-boarding the Brazos, for example, is how I'll spend many afternoons this summer. There's also the World Cup, starting this Thursday, that I'll be dedicating a bit too much of my time towards. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is brewing a pilsner.

A good pilsner can be the most satisfying, most rejuvenating beer of them all. Back in 2005, after a long train ride from Amsterdam into Speicher, a small town near Bitburg, Germany, Marcus, who was traveling with me, and I found ourselves off the train and in the middle of forest, tired and hungry. We hiked through the forest and came upon the town of Speicher. After walking the streets a bit and passing a memorial to the men from the town who fought and died in WWI & WWII, we found the only open place for a bite to eat, The City Grill. The food was great, I'm sure, but what I remember was the beer, Bitburger Pilz, made not 10 miles away. It refreshed and fortified, exactly what a good pilsner should do. And we're going to make one. This summer's going to be hot; consider the brewing of a pils as preparation.

Speaking of the weekend (I did up there somewhere, I think), we had a few entries among the over 400 total into the Alamo City Cervesa Fest home-brew competition, put on by the Bexar Brewers home-brew club. The awards ceremony was Saturday and we came away with a silver (and a goofy picture) in the American Ale style category for our American Brown! We were glad to be a part of it and honored to be recognized.