Brazos Chili Shoot-Out

What a beautiful weekend it was for the Brazos Chili Shoot-Out benefiting Pints for Prostates. The sun was out, beautiful McLane stadium was at our backs and before our chili even hit the boil we were already into t-shirt weather. Our Brotherwell team challenged an array of other excellent breweries which included Ommegang, Boulevard, Oskar Blues, Oasis TX, Brooklyn, Founders, Stone, Sixpoint, & Bare Arms Brewing. Also, big special thanks to our friends at Balcones Distillery for donating their famous Brimstone towards our chili cause. 

When all was said and done we found ourselves CO-FIRST PLACE CHAMPIONS in our first ever competitive chili event! We may never tell you the secret to our award wining recipe however we did include our a spiced version of our delicious Brotherwell stout, Balcones Brimestone, some locally sourced meat purchased from Waco's Downtown Farmer's Market, and a perfect blend of spices that'd make your mother shed a tear of pride. And yes, we even cut an old keg into our chili kettle because... well why not?

Check out some photos from the event and thanks for everyone who participated!